Architecture Tour

Published: 9/12/2019, Updated: 12/18/2019

Explore this architectural demonstration that was created using the XR Builder.

Attribution: Full credit for the Architectural 3D model goes to the Sketchfab user WNS-Studio. The original 3D model file can be found here:

This 3D Architecture Tour experience demonstrates how easy it is to explore a model imported in to the XR Builder. Anyone with a 3D architecture file can import it into the Builder using the Architecture Wizard, choose a few settings for their scene and players, and then have a fully interactive scene just like this one!

I did add several more interactive elements to this tour, to show off some of the other simple additions that can really bring a 3D model to life, and make it seem more realistic.

  1. Room Lights and Switches: one very simple element that can majorly enhance an architecture walkthrough are lights! Add a Point Light to each major fixture or bulb in a room, color the light yellow, and then see the difference. If you want to go for an extra level of immersion, tie the light's on/off state to a light switch!
  2. Non-Collidable Doors: Everyone will want to see inside of the house, as well as outside. Allow Players to enter your 3D architecture model by disabling the colliders to the main doors, so they can pass right through them.
  3. Enhanced Materials: See a texture or material in your model that doesn't look quite right? Add a Premium Blocksmith material instead, to instantly beautify your project!
  4. Nature: Add some rocks, trees, and maybe a water feature around the exterior of the house to improve the location. We have even heard of clients taking 360 images of the intended location of a house, and then using that as the background for their architecture model!
  5. Interactive Objects: Toss in a few interactive features around the house! For example, allow the Players to turn on a stove and see some tiny flames, or turn on a TV and see a movie playing!

Based on: VR Architecture Tour


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