My Crazy Aquarium

Published: 3/27/2020, Updated: 10/29/2020

Deep inside the museum is an aquarium that people never leave. It's a crazy place, with a guard next to the exit to nowhere.

This was a fun challenge we did as a team, after we streamed the "Great Tide Pool Virtual Aquarium Challenge".

Check out the original here: https://www.blocksmithxr.com/info/34272

We were asked to make an aquarium scene and it was so cool to see how different everyone's takes were.

I highly utilized the various model pools to complete this challenge. Not because I couldn't have built those items myself, but because we had an hour time limit. So The model pools where a great way to find different pre built assets to make my scene come together.

The kelp that you see behind the glass is actual a tree object. Behind the glass and water texture I think it creates a nice illusion of sea plant life.

I thought adding the animations onto the characters really helped bring the scene to life. As they watch the fish swimming by they were not just statically standing there like robots.

One thing I didn't think about when initially creating this experience was making the glass collideable When I first set this experience up the player was able to walk thru the glass which messed with the illusion that you were actually in an aquarium. Since then I've adjusted the experience so this is no longer possible.

Checkout the model pool in the sampleprojects workspace, where you can find some of the fish that I made.


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