Fetch on Mars

Published: 6/10/2020, Updated: 10/14/2020

Play fetch with the 2020 Mars Rover on Mars! Throw the organic rock and watch the rover chase it down and drill a sample.

Check out how to make your own scene like this with the Youtube Livestream video: https://youtu.be/-hUEivQko5w


  • PC: Use W, A, S, D to move. Click on the rock to pick it up. Press G while moving to toss it
  • VR: Teleport around the scene using the thumbpad/joystick. Press the grip button while moving your arm to toss the rock.

We have been getting excited for the launch of the 2020 Mars Rover launch and wanted to share that passion with our creator community! Also, we had assumed that a "fetch" game would be possible using physics objects, but hadn't fully tried it until the livestream!

Due to launch soon, the 2020 Mars Rover will be the first rover with a mission dedicated to finding evidence of life on Mars! As such, we decided that it would be a great challenge to re-create a Martian surface in the Builder using nothing but special lighting conditions and effects. The Mars Rover model itself was an interesting new challenge due to its high complexity, but we found that combining an existing FBX model and modeling over it majorly helped us get started.

The fetch game is a very simple setup that you can easily recreate at home! Just add a navigation component on the thing you want to go fetch, and then assign its target as a physics object that you can pick up and throw.

Games like these are some of my favorite to create because I can delve into a topic that really interests me (space exploration) and combine it with creative game design and experimentation. If you are into space exploration and looking for a good starting point on a design project, definitely try out the Mars Rover Challenge!


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